Is Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Romance A Big Publicity Stunt?

Sit down everyone: this news might be a little hard to take.

PopEater is theorizing that Eclipse stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s romance is as fake as Edward Cullen’s sparkly skin.

While the two stars alternate between denying and hinting at their relationship, the two do seem awfully close and the couple is often spotted out on dates together. However, PopEater wonders aloud if maybe KStew and RPattz’s romance is all just a big publicity stunt planned by Summit Entertainment–the people who put out the Twilight Saga.

Could it be a publicity romance? It is hard to say since the two stars are both extremely private. We rarely hear about Rob or Kristen out with anyone else and Kristen has publicly said she would never talk about her relationships to the press. So, even if she was dating Rob, she would probably never open up about it.

Then again–as PopEater points out–the possible romance between the 20-year-old Kristen and 24-year-old Rob has been a great way to whip up Twilight fever amongst the Twihards. The first two films of the Twilight Saga have grossed more than $1.1 billion. However, we don’t really think the possibility of an off-screen romance between the actors who play Bella and Edward is what is really driving ticket sales.

In the end, we will probably never know if Rob and KStew are dating until they either get married or start going out publicly with other people.

Do you think Rob and Kris’ relationship is a big publicity stunt?

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