Why Justin Bieber Was A No-Show At BET Awards

Quite a few fans were surprised when Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber was nominated for a BET Award and apparently so was the Biebs himself.

If you tuned into the BET Awards on Sunday night hoping to catch a glimpse of Justin you would have been in for a disappointment: Justin didn’t show up to the awards since he had already scheduled a concert for that night. Apparently not even Justin knew he was going to be nominated! From Justin’s Twitter:

Rolled into Milwaukee for the show today… gonna be huge… 22,000 people sold out I heard. Missing everybody out in LA for the BET awards. Just wanted to say I would have been at the awards but this show was booked before the nominees came out, and I don’t cancel shows… I would never cancel a show and let down the fans unless I had to…but I do wish I was there too, because I am honored to just be nominated.

Why did we not plan for the BET Awards?? Well [to be] honest people, not many of u thought the white boy from Canada was gonna b nominated. But… just goes to show that Music is COLOUR BLIND!! It is the Universal Language and good music brings us all together… the way it should be. So thank u to BET and good luck to all the nominees 2nite… I’m honored and grateful and let’s keep enjoying this music 2gether !! thanks.

Luckily for Canada, Drake a fellow superstar from the Great White North was at the show to scoop up some awards.

Bieber was nominated for Best New Artist but lost to rising rap star Nicki Minaj.

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