Coco Shows Off Her Teeny-Tiny Red Bikini (PHOTOS)

| June 29, 2010 - 10:27 am

Is the heat getting you down? Don’t worry, unofficial Celebuzz mascot (and mysterious bikini body) Coco is here to save us all from heatstroke with her ingenious body-cooling tips. Tip #1: Wear as little clothing as possible!

The enchanting Coco (the bootylicious wife of Ice-T) was spotted frolicking in the waves in Florida on Sunday wearing a “bikini.” We put bikini in quotes because, well, we don’t think there is enough fabric for this swimsuit to be legally considered a garment.

What do you think of Coco’s bikini? Is it too much or just what you would expect from the always scantily-clad hip hop wife?

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