Ke$ha’s Weird Backstage Demands

While most celebrities love to make huge lists of backstage demands when they perform, some celebs like Ke$ha just prefer to make a handful of perfectly bizarre requests.

For example, when the “Tik Tok” singer appeared at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto earlier this month she only requested three simple but very odd things for her dressing room: glitter, hot dogs, and philosophical books on the origin of species.

Sure, we understand the glitter (the singer has often said she loves the sparkly stuff) and the hot dogs (a gal has got to eat) but…books on the origin of species? Was she doing homework in her dressing room?

Jokes aside, it is nice to know that Ke$ha prefers to stimulate her mind over getting obliterated in her dressing room.

Who knew Ke$ha was such an intellectual?

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