Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus Top Forbes 100 Most Powerful List (PHOTOS)

The Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities of 2010 is finally here!

Can you guess who is the number one most powerful celebrity in the world? (Hint: It's a woman and she was won this title before.)

The Forbes list takes in factors like annual earnings, endorsements, media mentions, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans. So, while Beyonce made considerably less money in 2010 than Avatar director James Cameron, she still came out ahead of him on the list since she is more traditionally famous. Lady Gaga makes an impressive debut on the list within the top five celebrities.

The lowest earner on the list? Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt who "only" made $6.5 million last year. That's still pretty impressive from our point-of-view.

Click here to see the top 20 most powerful celebrities.



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  • karenalicia2393

    these people are very powerful, like it or not! and im not saying that i like all of them. enough said.

  • Phoebe

    GO Miley:) it IS cool to be on the most powerful people in the world list when you're only seventeen!

  • mannequin

    What a sad state of affairs, when this has become Forbes Most Powerful. Pathetic.

  • germanxxannie

    i bet it's damn cool to be on Forbes 13th place at age 17 love you Miley :D

  • noimagination

    Yes she's classy, nice, pretty..alot of people look up to her and she proves you dont have to be a slut to be famous! there I fixed it for you.

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    but is about the money....or what....popularity... or what??

  • SJDonovan

    f*cking Oprah? This is based quite a bit on how much money these people earn, and their relativity to popular culture. Oprah is a billionaire who ended her iconic talk show this year. With all of the talk she caused over that, of course she was going to top this list.

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