Miranda Kerr Wears Tight Leather ‘Bants’ (PHOTOS)

From afar it looks like Miranda Kerr’s boot/pant situation is more of an epic, single entity we refering to as bants. You know, boots that ARE pants. And this excites us, because who wouldn’t love a delightful combination of the two, potentially making life just a bit easier for a hot minute. Until you realize they’re leather, and it’s summer in NYC, which means a 90 degree mess of humid scorchiness, and that cannot be comfortable. However, upon closer inspection, the two are in fact two separate items, which pretty much brings this discussion to a close, sadly enough.

Click through the gallery to see Kerr get fanciful on a photoshoot in New York. And for more fashion wonderment check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.

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