Naomi Campbell Is Going Bald (PHOTOS)

Uh oh: It looks like years of wear and tear on Naomi Campbell's hair has finally caught up with her.

During a glamorous photo shoot in New York City on Monday a hairdresser brushed back a portion of Naomi's weave to reveal a frighteningly large bald spot on the side of the supermodel's head. Unfortunately, bald spots and a receding hairline are not uncommon in the modeling world: After years of weaves, blow drying, dying, and styling, some models can lose their hair.

Bald spot or no bald spot, Naomi still looks as fierce as she did when she first bust out on the modeling scene many years ago. If she isn't going to let aging stop her from modeling she definitely isn't going to let a bald spot get in her way.

Click here for more photos and check out more paparazzi photos over at Paparazzi-Razzi.



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  • sharon

    she's so damn ugly...she looks like a man (especially her face) I've never liked her.

  • socialsecurityadmistration

    she needs to retire!!! come on girl tyra already won!!! it is time for you to hit the old folks home!!!

  • May

    er..have you ever thought that maybe she just shaved that part of her hair like...EVERYONE is doing these days? It's kinda in fashion..

  • So Pretty
    So Pretty

    Who f*cking cares she bald or not. She has the most wonderful bod and skin I've seen. She is death. She mkes no secrets of her extensions and weaves. Alba Jess has thinning hair , PAris hilton too. But funny that this is never mentionned by Pap. People like to put her down. She is rich, sexy, beautiful, and has a sexy boyfriend even richer (ok well he is married to an ugly fat russian doll).

  • Oblaadee

    Dude, I bet she is COMPLETELY bald. She has always worn wigs or extentions.

  • kokokok

    what's wrong with her hair? is this even her real hair?