Inside Sandra Bullock & Jesse James’ Divorce

Now that Sandra Bullock has officially split from her cheatin’ husband, Jesse James, details about their divorce are starting to emerge.

While the two had probably the messiest scandal of the year, their split was classy and relatively drama-free: Jesse didn’t make a claim on their adopted child, Louis Bardo (whom the couple adopted while they were still together) and neither Jesse nor Sandra are trying to make a big stink about getting some money out of the other party. In short, it was a very un-Hollywood divorce.

While the two have legally split, friends of the couple reveal to People magazine that the two haven’t severed all ties. Reportedly, the former couple are “in touch about things,” mostly about their kids.

While Sandra has been dividing her time between New Orleans and Austin, Jesse has been preparing his big move from Orange County, California to Austin. Although neither of them made a legal claim on each other’s children, it does appear that Jesse is moving to Austin so that all of his kids can be closer to Sandra.

Now that their divorce has been completed and everything is starting to return to normal, we guess we can all close the book on Sandra and Jesse’s messy scandal.