Is Lady Gaga A Cross-Dresser?

If internet rumors are to be believed, Lady Gaga’s next fashion move could be cross-dressing.

Lady Gaga’s stylist, Nicola Formichetti, posted pictures of what looks like a male model on his Twitter. The only thing that made this model stand out is that he looked very familiar when photographed in profile.

Nicola claims that the shots are of a mysterious model named “Jo Claderone” and that the pictures are behind-the-scenes shots for the Japanese version Vogue Homme.

Many fans are speculating that the “male model” is actually Lady Gaga. “Jo” does bear a striking resemblance to Ms. Gaga and cross-dressing isn’t something we would put past the provocative pop star.

Either way, we hope that the male model is actually Gaga because we bet it would be very uncomfortable for a real male model to be told he looks like a cross-dressing woman.

Do you think that “Jo Calderone” is actually Gaga?