Johnny Depp to Star in 'Doctor Who' Movie?

Johnny Depp to Star in 'Doctor Who' Movie?-photo

Johnny Depp might have to brush up on the basics of time and space travel. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has reportedly been tapped to play The Doctor in a big-screen adaptation of the long-running British sci-fi series Doctor Who.

According to sources, the movie is being written by former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, and is slated for release in 2012. Davies and series producer Julie Gardner left the BBC show in 2008 for Los Angeles, and Davies has since revealed that one of the reasons for the relocation was the possibility of bringing Doctor Who to the big screen:

“Bringing the Who franchise to the theaters is a regeneration for the character beyond the usual one. A theatrical release has a greater range and can reach millions of more people than just the fans. There will be brand new concepts and the film will be just as adventurous, scary and humorous as the television programme. But none of us working the film will forget what makes the character great and interesting and the long-time fans will not be disappointed because yes, the [extraterrestrial] Daleks make an appearance.”

If Depp is really making an appearance as well, they just might have a hit on their hands.

Do you think Johnny Depp would make a good match for Doctor Who? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • Paula Kaye
    Paula Kaye

    You are the only one on this reply thread that has supported this daft idea, so, please pardon me for asking - how much did he pay you to write that?

  • Paula Kaye
    Paula Kaye

    Personally, I'd LOVE it if Johnny Depp played Dr. Who - Billions of true fans would try to stone him in the streets wherever he dared show his face! And, even IF "Mr." Davies decided to "let" TIM BURTON direct it - (Who ELSE would be directing "Mr." Depp?), there would be NOTHING that could be done to save the flop! Two words - PAUL MCGANN! He's already done a feature length Dr. Who film AND that's how Davies got hold of it in the first place! And, would Helena be playing a gender-bending "Master"? JEEZ! The stupidity of a Hollywood Ego - (Remember the CURSE!)

  • Jessie Avery
    Jessie Avery

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  • Devak

    If its to do with the time war then you couldnt have tennant as the doctor. I doubt it would be about the time war I only hope that it is. It would make an awesome movie.

  • kylephantom4

    guys, what the heck, america made the eight doctor film, which some of you still despise, but its rtd, come on, he brought back doctor who and look how it is now, without rtd, doctor who may not even be on tv at all atm, but come on, were alsos talking our favorite pirate, the mad hatter, the guy with knife fingers, and a victim of freddy krueger, how bad could he do as the doctor? i bet he will be great, want to complain to me, im happy to take any at, go ahead, complain to me, i dont care, i think rtd getting johnny depp to be the doctor could be the best

  • herp

    No... please, just not THIS one.

  • Allyson

    If there is a movie, i would go see it IF Tennant or Smith played the Doctor (Also if Eccelson did, but i would prefer Tennant first, then Smith). If Depp played him, i would never see it. It would ruin everything

  • Oli

    I'm a huge fan of doctor who and I was sad to see Tennant go, but to make a TV show into a movie, you need a big screen actor. Depp is perfect for the job! Its an american actor, not an american film. If they do make a movie, it has to be Depp or Tennant.

  • yakofujimato

    As for the Doctor being British, why can't an American play the part? You have enough crappy British actors playing Americans on television and movies, get rid of all these limeys here then like Hugh Laurie and his bad fake accent! The character was created by a Candian anyhow.

  • yakofujimato

    To all the idiots mentioning Tennant, drop it! He's not The Doctor Matt Smith is!

  • Seriously?

    Oh please no. I love my Doctor quirky, but Depp is just downright insane at times. It's not gonna work. I love Depp but NO

  • mayra lopez
    mayra lopez

    And THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU,JOHNNY DEPP WAS, IS AND WILL BE BRILLANT LIKE JACK SPARROW,AND EVERY CHARACTER HE DOES,..LIKE I SAID BEFORE,..HE IS THE BEST,and the others actors maybe are young but they haven't the CHARM that johnny has!!! I wish him the best

  • mayra lopez
    mayra lopez

    what is the big deal ?? I don't get it,...first, johnny is the best actor in the world,FACT..For me if he is on a movie I will see it for sure and he is not overrated,he is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    If they are going to do a Doctor Who movie, they have to choose one of the ACTUAL Doctors (Eccleston, Tennant, or Smith). Anyone else and it messes with the Regen schedule and they would either have to cast that actor as the doctor in the show or the movie would not be seen as cannon. Either one of those three could do an amazing movie. Depp is not Doctor Material. He is a great actor and I like him a lot, but I do not want Doctor Jack Sparrow.

  • numsix

    First, I am only 42 (43 in a few months). I started watching Doctor Who with Pertwee as the doctor then every episode as it came out on TVO until the end. I got to see most Hartnell episodes as reruns on TVO and since they were lost very few Troughton ones. Hartnell was the best period. Tennant is my next favorite, but I think if things continue as they are Smith will surpass him (Tennant's last episode was hurt IMHO by giving the Master super powers - he was a super genius not super man) my $0.02

  • jveleal

    The daleks will stop this. No question.

  • Garrison Howard
    Garrison Howard

    We do not need a Big screen Doctor Who. Matt Smith just took over the role from David Tennant and now to put Johnny Depp in his place, you would have to get rid of Smith. And what happens to the small screen Who? Get yet another actor? I absolutely loved David Tennant and was very heartbroken to see him leave, but Matt Smith is doing a great job and I would hate to lose him now that I have gotten used to him. Johnny Depp is a great actor, but keep him away from my Doctor Who!

  • Guest1

    This has to be a f*cking rumor. There's no way they can do this. Look, I'm American. We can remake a lot of sh*t. BUT YOU DON'T TOUCH DOCTOR! He hasn't gone to big screen for a REASON! His fanbase doesn't need it! There's always a venue on TV for the doctor, once you take him off TV, he can't go back! It will ruin him! AND DEPP!?!? REALLY!!? Most overrated actor US has pumped out since Jack Nicholson. Well, to be fair there have already been Doctor Who movies. It wouldn't be the first. None of the previous one's have been very good. There was even a American Doctor at one point. If there is a movie I feel like it should be with the current Doctor to make sense of the timeline. Otherwise if it were Tennant and it's something epic enough to have a movie based on it why wouldn't it have been shown in his run as the Doctor? Why wouldn't the event have been referenced? Do you get what I'm saying? I think it would be hard to place. Whereas with the current Doctor, Matt Smith, it could be a supplement to the series and get people invested in the current characters that could then bring in more viewers for the television show.

  • Whoer

    Oh YES... When I first heard this, I thought he is perfect for the role; just perfect!

  • Will

    The three doctors since the show was revised have all been groundbreaking. Eccleston, as he loves to flaunt, brought the great spirit of the north into the role. Tennant has overtaken Baker as the most beloved Doctor to date. Smith is projected to outshine even Tennant. Why screw something that is clearly snowballing into a greater and greater thing?!

  • CHuNgYkY

    NO WAY!!! If they are making a movie on DW, then it has to be either Tennant or Smith. They're awesome as the Doctor and well, fans just wouldnt accept a new Doctor for a theatrical release...

  • larrythefatcat

    Just look at the remake of The Office. Okay... I don't think you can honestly say that the American version of The Office is inferior to the original UK version (save *most* of the first US season). Yes, it's different in many ways, but they are both AWESOME, hilarious and certainly have their own merits. Now about the pilot to the proposed American version of The IT Crowd with Joel McHale... I think *that's* the one you meant to mention. ;)

  • skh2109

    No No NO! David Tennat or Matt Smith Please. - Don't ruin it

  • MissK

    No, no, no, no. Yes, Depp was absolutely BRILLIANT as swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow, but NO to him playing the Doctor. He just doesn't have the right sort of charm and, let's face it: Jack Sparrow was the only good role he ever played. I totally agree that the Doctor belongs to a BRITISH actor and one who is around the same age as Tennant or Eccleston. Oh, and by the way: The Americans tried making a Doctor Who movie once before, back in 1996 and it failed dismally.

  • Krissie

    NO. It's a British series, it needs a British actor! It wouldn't be as good with an American actor, just like the other crappy remakes we seem to do here. Just look at the remake of The Office.

  • Nattie Marie
    Nattie Marie

    This is horrible. I hope to God it's a rumor because I couldn't stand to see Doctor Who get raped like so many of my favorite British shows. Does anyone remember the Life on Mars remake? The American version was balls.

  • Bill

    Tom Baker was one of the best Dr's in my opinion. David Tennant was excellent during his run. I've seen multiple Drs during my years and those, IMHO, were two of the best. I haven't seen the Dr after David T. nor all of the eposides (real life intereference there). But to repeat what some posters have said, it's a BRITISH show. If they want an AMERICAN movie, then come up with an appropriate idea that could TIE in with the Dr. Depp's a fabulous flexible actor who brings his enthusiasm to the craft. But playing the Dr would be wrong, IMO. Thanks for listening.

  • jkjfhdlskfs

    Doctor Who should be a British actor D: I love Johnny Depp so much, but they should use Matt Smith. Him being the current doctor and everything. Just makes sense.

  • Caan

    Depp was good, yes. However this was prior to Pirates of the Disneyland. He is better fitted for roles of quiet, everyday normal man. I can't really see him being the Doctor, as the young genius Matt Smith represented his own Doctor. American-made movie is just a bad idea, you know what happened when they did it last time. It was not that good at all. Also, as Moffat revealed his quite superior screenplay-writing skills in the finale of the latest season, Russell T. is, in comparison, just not very good at all. Also, I'm quite sick of him writing his screenplays about Daleks and whatnot. It was great and all that in the first season, but that was in 2005.

  • BadWolf

    Last time they tried to do a DW movie it was really not very good and quite Americanized. I think that should be a lesson to everyone NOT TO TRY IT AGAIN. David Tennant was the best Doctor anyway, nobody else can even come close to him, especially not an American actor.

  • parisisburning

    I think Jhonny Depp would be great at anything he does he is the best actor i have every seen HE would make a great Dr WHO HE IS a Genius. At every Movie have seen him in. JOHNNY, NOT JHONNY! Learn to spell!

  • redheadedleague

    No, no, a thousand times no. I love Depp's work, but this is an insult to Moffett, to the people working on the ongoing TV show, many fine British actors who could play the Doctor. Not to mention, how on Earth would this fit into the continuity? It seems Davies is under the impression that he can do whatever he wants with the Doctor; I suspect Hollywood has gotten to him. Somebody start a petition, and stop this before it goes any farther.

  • Beck16

    I think Jhonny Depp would be great at anything he does he is the best actor i have every seen HE would make a great Dr WHO HE IS a Genius. At every Movie have seen him in.

  • whatever

    Sorry I ment Robert Pattinson

  • Whatever

    This is like trying to bring Red Dwarf to the big screen. I can see they are hard up for ideas in Hollywood but at least use the actors that made the shows in the first place. (Loved David but Matt is growing on me.) Johnny Depp no way next they'll be putting Robert Patterson up for the roll. Need a star? Try using someone similar to Patrick Stewart, Colin Firth, James Callis or even Robert Llewellyn

  • LLawliet

    In my eyes there is only one Doctor, and that is David Tennant. What better way to bring The Doctor to America, than with the most talented, and charismatic actor to have ever played him? I am a fan of Johnny Depp, but this is a HUGE mistake.....

  • HammondX

    Let's ask Matt Smith how he feels about it... this will be like the 83 non-canon Conney Bond flick with the killer video game...

  • Caleb Hughes
    Caleb Hughes

    Realize this guys. The TV show is produced by the BBC, which uses British taxpayer Money to fund all programs. A film wouldn't happen simply because we would have to pay to see it and that is against the BBC's moral code or whatever you want to call it. Kinda like the way the XBOX 360 can't get iPlayer, because you have to pay for XBOX live it goes against the BBC thus they wouldn't allow it

  • ..what

    I will f*cking kill everyone if this happens.

  • Well ...
    Well ...

    As long as M. Night Shyamalan isn't f*cking it up, I think we're all good, hm? THE LAST AIRBENDER did worse than 2 Girls 1 Cup on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Snarklett

    It would be easy enough to bring Tennant back because DW is a show about time travel and paradoxes and because Ten(Tennant's Doctor)has a half human version of himself in a parallel universe. The easiest thing to do would be to bring the Doctors together with a plot that involves the necessity of crossing the universes so the previous and the current Doctor can share the screen.

  • Biikaa

    David Tennant!!! i don't care if he's scottish!! DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!

  • ama123 betty
    ama123 betty

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  • Ashley

    I love Doctor Who and I love Johnny Depp but Johnny does not need to play the Doctor. Matt Smith is the Doctor right now and if they were to do a movie, then Matt needs to play the Doctor. There is no way to bring David Tennant back, he's gone and he's not coming back. In the end it doesn't come down to who would play the Doctor because there is no need for a movie, the TV show is plenty.

  • Zoe

    I agree that a movie's a bad idea at this time. The TV show is still incredibly popular in the UK, and it's getting much more popular in the US, so why make a movie now? And if they do, how could you justify bringing Tennant back as the Doctor given how dramatic they made his exit from the show?

  • A brit
    A brit

    Really? Scots are Brits. Saying it needs a British actor means an actor from the Britain. Tennant is a British actor in that context. Also Fujdepp there has been a Doctor Who big screen version before staring Peter Cushing. It wasn't good but enjoyable.

  • Really?

    You guys do realize that Tennant was Scottish, right? Yes, same island but start calling Scots "Brits" and Brits "Scots" and you'll find yourself on the unpleasant end of many fists.

  • delete

    i have to believe in a world where cosmic forces will stop this from happening.


    This has to be a f*cking rumor. There's no way they can do this. Look, I'm American. We can remake a lot of sh*t. BUT YOU DON'T TOUCH DOCTOR! He hasn't gone to big screen for a REASON! His fanbase doesn't need it! There's always a venue on TV for the doctor, once you take him off TV, he can't go back! It will ruin him! AND DEPP!?!? REALLY!!? Most overrated actor US has pumped out since Jack Nicholson.

  • Wendy

    Uh, no. Just no. First, there's no reason for a movie, since the TV franchise is thriving. But if there was any need for a movie, then Tennant would be the first choice, or as others have said, at minimum a British actor.

  • EyeCandy

    I LOVE Depp, but Tennant deserves to be the Doctor on the big screen!

  • Michelle

    NOOOOO, Depp shouldn't be the Doctor!!! That's a crap idea!!!

  • Chris

    I'm an America and fully support what everyone is saying. I love Doctor Who, and I love how it's made. It's a television show. I wouldn't like to see a big budget Americanized Who. I, however, can't support Tennant. Even though I fell in love with Who during his time, I'd like to see Matt Smith in the role, or bring in someone new as a way to introduce him. But if it's Depp, I'm sorry... his fake British accent won't get me on board. Davies should come back to the show, or move on. I love what he did, but he decided to leave for the wrong reasons.

  • Kerry

    Tennant or you don't get my money.

  • KittyKarloso

    Hell freaking no I don't think John Depp would be a good Doctor! Get Tennant! Don't eff this up Davies, although I'm sure you will.

  • femanon

    no, doctor who needs to be an english actor. i hate it when americans rape good british television.