Lindsay Lohan Works the Stripper Pole (VIDEO)

You have to give Lindsay Lohan credit—she might not always arrive on time for her professional obligations, but when she does show up…well, at least she shows up. And does stuff. And some of that stuff is actually entertaining, even if only unintentionally so.

As dedicated followers of LiLo’s shenanigans already know, the Just My Luck actress recently turned up 11 hours late for a photo-shoot to promote her 6126 leggings line. And now footage from the shoot has emerged via Bravo’s reality show Double Exposure. Check out the video below to see Lohan display her own version of professionalism by showing up late, smoking like a chimney, cursing, and carefully wiping down a stripper pole before busting out some moves on it. (Though, truth be told, the pole should be more worried about whatever germ transfer might have transpired during the photo-shoot.)