Miranda Kerr's New Victoria's Secret Pics Will Melt Your Monitor (PHOTOS)

Nice try, Miranda Kerr, but even with that flimsy disguise, we'd recognize your hotness anywhere.

The Australian-born beauty is all over the latest Victoria's Secret catalog in various states of undress, and because it's Wednesday and you probably really need a picker-upper at this point, we can't help but share them with you here.

Click through the photo gallery to see more of Miranda, and try not to seethe with too much white-hot envy at Kerr's fiancé Orlando Bloom while you do so. Jealousy isn't pretty. Unlike, you know, Miranda Kerr.



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  • barbara02

    Wow! Love this one!

  • sexy!

    [quote=friendofserbisa*va jay jay*]Friendofserb is dumber than a bucket of wet hair. I second that

  • friendofserbisacunt

    Friendofserb is dumber than a bucket of wet hair.

  • roxi

    Miranda is a cute girl-but she's looking way too thin!! If I were her mom, I would fatten her up by about 5-7 pounds. Seriously.

  • Steve

    very nice

  • lisa

    ok i'll be the one to say it. too skinny. NEXT! i agree !!! totally !

  • jords

    ok i'll be the one to say it. too skinny. NEXT!

  • cliptonite

    She is pretty - that's undeniable, and she does mix hot and cute together very well, but the girl could eat a steak or three because in some photos, she just looks far too skinny. That being said, I'd still kill for her body over mine anyday. I'd also complain about her constantly biting her thumb, but I get that the kinky cute factor is what they're going for, so I won't.

  • Chipollata

    Could not agree more with friendofserb...... Those who like her must be gay or maybe they never met a decent looking woman in their lives. How can you say that this chick is hot??? Have you seen her frog face and her rotten body? No ass, no waist, total fugness. I'll pass!

  • friendofserb

    i ain't serbian but to me the translation is apt .. if this is considered 'hot' i feel sorry for you americans & by the way serbia has some of the most beautiful women in the world so miranda is a 'dog' woof woof & thanks gawd fer fotoshop lol

  • -KhmerStory-

    Wow, she is incredibly hot.

  • guest

    haha touche. i'm a girl, and i'm straight, and i'm still interested lol. wow.

  • monkkkkkey

    actually her dads serbian

  • jayjay

    Wow, the jealousy of women is so unattractive. Most men read things like that post above and think, "what an insecure, petty child." She's not pretty? Are you delusional? You really think she'd be a super model on the cover of magazines, billboards, in movies, or in tv commercials if she wasn't pretty? She's makes a living based on the fact that she's pretty. Just because she's with Orlando Bloom, and you're bitter about it, doesn't make her unattractive.... it makes YOU unattractive.

  • JayJay

    Luckily she's not Serbian... in the rest of the world Kerr means, "insanely hot chick from Victoria's secret."

  • joajox

    i just dont understand who could find her sexy, cute even- i wont use word pretty cuz shes not even close to pretty?????

  • harvey carole
    harvey carole

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  • Sarah

    lol on serbian kerr means dog xD

  • José Silva Cruz
    José Silva Cruz


  • rsac3

    [quote=Karina Kogan]does her butt say i love big diamonds? lol yes it does!!! : |

  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    does her butt say i love big diamonds? lol