Robert Pattinson Is Worth More Than Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Is Worth More Than Kristen Stewart-photo

Uh oh: According to Forbes magazine (via Hollywood Life), Robert Pattinson earns significantly more than his Twilight co-star (and real-life girlfriend) Kristen Stewart.

The magazine reports that RPattz raked in an estimated $17 million last year while KStew "only" brought in $12 million. (Still many more millions than we earned last year!)

While women tend to earn less than men in almost all industries, we think we can explain why 24-year-old Rob earns more money than his 20-year-old lover: He has simply starred in bigger movies than Kristen.

Rob's has previously appeared in two Harry Potter films and his most recent non-Twilight film, Remember Me, drew in $46 million worldwide which is considerably more than Kristen's most recent non-Twilight film, The Runaways, which only made $3.5 million since it was released in March.

While both of the actors are working steadily, Rob has some major films lined up: Bel Ami and Water for Elephants are both expected to be big roles for Rob.

Kristen's career choices have usually leaned on the more indie side: The Runaways was a small, indie film and On The Road is also expected to be a small production. Indie films tend to not pay as well as big productions and perhaps Kristen, who lives much more simply than some other young starlets who make half as much as she does, isn't terribly concerned about how much money she is making as long as she is getting good roles.

Do you think it is unfair that Rob makes more money than Kristen?

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  • gorgeouskate

    who cares, i guess they're not even discussing this matter. as long as they are both happy with what they are doing. and guys 12M is definitely not a small amount. even if we slave ourselves we can't even get a 5% of it.

  • bagley

    normal girl are u dumb as brinks kristen sucks at acting end of the story she always has a blank stare and little facial expression, now rob on the other hand i suggest u go see remember me cuz he can act

  • tva

    oops.. ok maybe i shouldve read this first.. hahahahahahaha

  • tva

    I am not even going to read this. just by the headline i cna say this is just wrong. i love robert pattinson - i think hes amazing. but this is the other way around by far

  • sanja

    no, Rob is much better actor than Kristen ( it is so obvious in Remember Me)

  • lala

    I honestly don't care. As long as they're having fun making movies :)

  • normalgirl

    yes, yes i think it is, especially bc her acting chops are way up considering him. i don't have anyth9ng against rob, i think he has akarizma, charm and beauty to be a star, but acting is still something he should work on. kstew, on the other side, she's got it all.