Vanessa Hudgens Says She’ll Do a Nude Scene

Good news, Vanessa Hudgens fans; chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more of your favorite High School Musical alum on the big screen before to long.

During a recent interview, V-Hudge once again lamented the nude photo leak that threatened to derail her career a couple of years back—but revealed that she’ll most likely be taking it all off at some point for a movie role.

Hudgie Bear—who’s currently gearing up for a run as HIV-positive stripper Mimi in a production of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl—reveals,

“It sucks because [the photos were] supposed to be private, but at the same time a lot of actresses do it [in movies]. Eventually, I’m sure that I will [too]. But I don’t know if I would be able to do it now.”

Shame that she’s already wrapped up the upcoming brothel-based musical Sucker Punch, as that would have been as good an opportunity as any.

How long do you think it will take Nessie to take it off for camera—and get paid for it this time? Share your predictions in the comments section.