Who Should Be The Superficial's New Banner Girl? (PHOTOS)

Our friends over at The Superficial are looking for a new pair of seductive lips (and shoulders) to grace their banner for their newly designed website.

While the contest is open to women all over the world, it got us thinking about which of The Superficial's favorite famous ladies would make the best banner girl. While it helps to be stunningly beautiful like Kim Kardashian or Christina Hendricks, it also takes a certain je ne sais quoi to win the heart of a blogger like The Superficial.

Click through to see our top ten picks for the next pair of iconic Superficial lips. If you think that you could beat out these famous ladies with your pretty pout, don't forget to enter The Superficial's contest.



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  • fsers3

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  • billyinc1

    Looking Good!

  • miki

    i think she look better bfire da surgeriessss.....now she has kind of a horse face...

  • lizzyborden

    rihana of course.

  • lopez2

    kim k has my vote....

  • its not of your business
    its not of your business

    hate kim kardashian she's famous because of a sex tape and plastic surgerys if i do that can i get famous and rich

  • liz

    ...not her best picture. these jonah hex movie premire pictures dont do megan fox justice! shes wayyyy hotter than this

  • Armenian girl
    Armenian girl

    Kim Kardashian is The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!