Does Justin Bieber Have A Secret Girlfriend? (VIDEO)

Uh oh Bieber fans, we have some bad news: Justin Bieber reportedly has a secret girlfriend.

Well, at least that’s what Life & Style magazine (via oceanUP) is reporting. The celebrity magazine says that the 16-year-old star recently took a secret vacation to the Bahamas with his ex-girlfriend. His alleged ex-girlfriend tweeted about the trip (although she made no mention of Bieber) and mysteriously said that “what happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas.” Uh oh!

Bieber and his ex have had an on-off relationship for some time now: the “Baby” singer serenaded his ex on stage during a concert in December although he often makes claims that he isn’t dating any one at the moment. So, what’s the deal Biebs?

It’s likely that Bieber is taking things slow with his ex since he currently has a hectic touring schedule that doesn’t really allow him to enjoy a proper relationship. However, he apparently has enough time to fly his girlfriends to the Bahamas to spend time with him.

Do you think Bieber really has a secret girlfriend or is he just friendly with his ex? Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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