Gap Denim Doctor: All-Over the Baby

 Issue: While BabyGap’s denim overalls may be for your baby, they were certainly designed with the parent in mind. Now, not only can you give your baby a head start in the world of fashionable denim, but with BabyGap’s denim overalls, they give the parent such conveniences as a hidden inseam snap placket that makes dressing and diapering a literal snap. And, as with all of BabyGap’s denim line, the water used in washing and dyeing your baby’s overalls is specially treated to ensure your baby’s denim is safe, clean, and ready to wear.
Doctor Denim Prescribes… This is a great denim piece for any baby. Layer any colored, patterned, long sleeve or short t-shirt underneath and this overall becomes uniquely customized to fit your own baby’s personality.
Example: Doctor Denim’s got a nephew on the way, and you know I’ll be following such celebrity parents as Kourtney Kardashian and Alyson Hannigan in the baby denim overall look this fall.
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Product: BabyGap Denim Overalls
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