Gap Denim Doctor: Occam’s Razor

Issue: Vanilla ice cream, a nice sunset, a walk on a nice day, smelling the roses…Doctor Denim knows that sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can make all the difference, and Gap’s 1969 Standard Jean is no exception. This premium jean sits just below the waist and is straight through the leg making this ideal for any guy and will quickly become your “go-to” jean. Doctor Denim (and philosophers, physicists, and logicians) always say, “The simplest answer is usually the correct one,” and this jean’s versatility is your answer to any denim conundrum. 

Doctor Denim Prescribes… The simple things are also the easiest to build upon. The same holds true with these jeans. Wear them with a t-shirt, a button-down, or a sweater, tucked or untucked, belted or not; it’ll make no difference to these jeans!  Like the year 1969 itself, these jeans are eclectic and have no rules. They will go with any look and look good doing it.

Section: Men’s
Product: Standard Jean
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