Gap Denim Doctor: Sit Up Straight

Issue: I don’t know about you, but Doctor Denim’s momma always told him to sit up straight. With Gap’s Straight Jean, men will never have to hear that again. A straight line from the waist to the hem gives the wearer a jean that fits perfectly due to Gap’s innovation to the back rise of this style. A straight leg opening provides the ideal versatility for boots, sneakers and shoes. So whether you’re working, hanging out, or going out, this Straight Leg Jean will always be a classic.

Doctor Denim Prescribes… Wear this jean in a light wash with sneakers or flip-flops for a classic casual day look or at night or work in a darker wash with boots or shoes. 

Example: The straight leg jean has always been a favorite among male icons, one of the most famous being James Dean. However, more recently you can see such actors as Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey sporting this classic look.

Section: Men
Product: Men’s Straight
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