Is Justin Bieber Going On Tour In North Korea?

Is Justin Bieber going to North Korea? Well, if some internet pranksters have their way, the “Baby” singer may be heading to the notorious dictatorship as part of his worldwide tour.

Biebs is currently holding an internet contest to have his fans pick a country for him to add to his tour. While Israel is currently the top pick, North Korea is quickly gaining momentum thanks to a prank organized by /b/, a prank-happy messageboard that is connected to 4chan.

The contest started out innocently enough: fans picked the country they wanted Justin to visit on his tour. However, when some pranksters heard about the contest they quickly started coming up with a way to get Justin sent to a less-than-pleasant place.

Why would these pranksters want to send Justin to a country where the people are literally starving to death in the streets? Well, these are the same folks who started that “Justin Bieber has syphilis” rumor, so we don’t think they are Justin’s biggest fans (or maybe they are just too shy to admit their crush).

Either way, even if North Korea did win the contest, we aren’t sure that Justin would end up going on tour there. For one thing, Justin would need to get approved for a visa by the North Korean government and they might not take kindly to having a Western pop star visit their country as part of a prank organized by internet nerds. Also: since Justin’s music is banned in North Korea, it is highly unlikely that he has any fans there. (And if he did have fans, they might be too poor to be able to buy tickets to his concert since a majority of the population can barely afford food.)

What do you think of the prank: evil or just typical silliness?

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