Jeremy London’s Family Is Free to Call Him a Liar

Jeremy London will have to find another way to silence his family, because the courts aren’t having any of it.

The former Party of Five star, who last month claimed that he had been kidnapped in Palm Springs, California, by captors who forced him to smoke drugs, has failed to obtain a restraining order against his twin brother Jason and mother Debbie Nielsen, both of whom have publicly called his story into question.

London, 37, who has struggled with substance abuse and rehab, had sought the restraining order to prevent his relatives from further commenting on his case. But on Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Irving Shimer shot down the request, ruling that such an order would violate their First Amendment right to free speech.

London is free to sue his relatives, should it ultimately turn out that their claims are false.

Jason London has been particularly vocal in his questioning of his brother’s story, publicly stating that his sibling should seek psychological help.

One of London’s alleged kidnappers, Brandon Adams, is currently in jail awaiting his court date but has pleaded guilty, and claims that London voluntarily drank with him and solicited drugs from him.