Kendra Compares Baby Hank to Bieber?

In celebration of baby Hank hitting the seven-month mark, Kendra Wilkinson hit her blog for a major moment of parental pride. 

Kendra gushed,

I can't believe my lil guy is already 7-months-old, ahhhh I feel like he was just born yesterday!!!! 

Then she said something we never could have anticipated...

Can we just talk about that hair baby Hank is rocking?! I have no doubt that this look is going to sweep the nation and be bigger than Justin Bieber's 'do hahaha!!!!

Careful there, might anger the Bieber beastlings. 



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  • anonomys

    hes the cutest

  • Adewole

    kendra ur boy rocks

  • sweetcheeks101

    omg kendraaaa baby hannk is so cute..lets make him the next HEF..LOL...he's gonna be pimping with his looks..mwaaah!! love yuoo guys :-)

  • Ronnie1776

    Smoking Hot Kendra

  • Jenny

    He's could he not be...and I'm sure a personality to boot. :)

  • sdfef

    he is too cute!!!

  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    omg, he is soooo cute!