Kim Kardashian's Wax Figure Is Finally Revealed! (PHOTOS)

What's better than one Kim Kardashian? Two, of course!

Kim has become the latest star to be immortalized in wax for Madame Tussauds. The reality vixen posed next to her newly-finished wax figure at its unveiling in New York earlier today. Can you tell which one is the real Kim?

Personally, we prefer the real Kim to her wax version, but that is mostly because we like our Kim to have the ability to move, think and speak. Either way, they both look great!

Click here for more photos and check out more Kardashian awesomeness over at Kardashianity.



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  • rainbowpanda

    it doesnt look like her

  • foxxyhuntress

    this looks nothing like her. this wax figure is ugly....whoever did this job should be fired!

  • VJC

    She's getting a wax figure because...???? She seems like a great person, but in all honesty, she's only famous for being famous..

  • freshup16

    boobs are too big on the figure

  • freshup16

    usually these figures look alot like the real person but not in this case

  • Diana

    that doesnt even look like her!!! looks more like that chick from

  • kriz

    is this the real one?i cant tell which one is real considering theyre both made from wax!

  • julie modem
    julie modem

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  • alejÄ…dro

    who made this? looks different

  • anna ward
    anna ward

    kims real ass looks alot bigger than da fake one