Kristen Stewart Bonds With Her Dad, Does Some Juggling on ‘Lopez Tonight’ (VIDEO)

Never let it be said that Kristen Stewart isn’t a woman of family values—and of many talents.

The Eclipse beauty appeared on George Lopez’s Lopez Tonight talk show on Tuesday, offering yet two more examples of what an extraordinary young woman she is.

First K-Stew—showing off her newly lightened locks—shared an emotional moment with her father, John Stewart, a television producer and stage manager who happens to work on Lopez’s show. Check out the adorable exchange below, as K-Stew reacts to her father telling her that she looks beautiful:

But that wasn’t the only notable sequence from Stewart’s appearance. The actress was also subjected to Lopez’s Twilight’s Got Talent segment, during which he challenged her to reveal her hidden talent. K-Stew’s up-till-now secret ability? Juggling. Yeah, totally. Watch below if you don’t believe us:

Maybe she could score a bit part in her co-star Robert Pattinson’s currently filming circus drama Water for Elephants?

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