Lady Gaga Goes To College (PHOTOS)

Singer and part-time male model Lady Gaga stuck out like a sore thumb when she made a visit to MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Wednesday.

Not that Gaga's natural fabulousness doesn't normally make her stand out from the crowd but this time Gaga was overdressed, even by Gaga standards. The singer was spotted wearing a completely see-through lace gown and piles and piles of jewels around her neck.

The "Alejandro" singer was at MIT for a photo shoot but we wonder if she decided to take in any of the university's classes while she was visiting.

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  • itsmebehbeh

    she's so ugly.

  • patsycline

    She's not going to college, at least not with that outfit. She's there for a photoshoot.

  • patsycline

    She looks like Sylvester Stallone, who just turned 64...

  • patsycline

    I agree, wtf is that?!?! And what are those friggin shiny things? Haha, they say it's "futuristic", well trust me, no one is gonna wear that now, or in the future.

  • cathleenleemanson

    ummm there`s nothing bad in going to college she won`t be forever singer

  • sabrina

    ewww wrf is wrong with her she looks so different copying maddona much? i like her much better when she was in poker face with her blonde wig now she jus looks bad SHORT HAIR DOES NOT WORK FOR HER