Megan Fox’s Mother Left Out Of Secret Wedding

Well, it turns out that those rumors of Megan Fox tying the knot with her longtime boyfriend Brian Austin Green are true. However, you can’t blame us for not knowing the whole truth on their marriage: Megan’s own mother was reportedly left in the dark and didn’t find out that her daughter had gotten married until she read it in the tabloids.

Apparently Megan, who prefers to live low-key and out of the public eye, eloped with Brian to Hawaii and didn’t even tell her own mother about the wedding.

The Hawaiian wedding only had six people present but Megan’s mother Darlene isn’t too surprised that she was left out of the wedding:

If there was a wedding I wasn’t there – but that’s Megan all right. She would have wanted something low-key. She’d sneak off somewhere and surprise everybody later. If it’s true they’re married I’d be a happy mama.

Well, we guess Darlene is a “happy mama” because a spokesperson for Megan confirmed that the pair are married.