Robert Pattinson’s Dream Leading Lady: Betty White

Sorry, Kristen Stewart; it sounds like Robert Pattinson has his pretty little eyes on another lovely actress to develop some chemistry with on the big screen: Betty White!

Apparently succumbing to the wave of mania that has the rest of the nation firmly on Team Betty, R-Pattz recently revealed that he would very much like the last remaining Golden Girl to appear in the final Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn. Says Pattinson,

“Definitely. She can be the baby.”

Okay, so maybe  that isn’t exactly the making of a torrid onscreen romance, but who knows? Bring the white-hot eroticism of Robert Pattinson and Betty White together on one set, and some real sparks might begin to fly. And when that happens, allow us to be the first ones to say, “We told you so.”

Do you think the 88-year-old White would be a worthy addition to the Breaking Dawn cast? Share your thoughts in the comments section.