Tiger Woods’ Divorce Payday Drastically Lower than Expected

Tiger Woods’ divorce from Elin Nordegren is reportedly finalized except for the official court filing that will take place tomorrow, and Tiger’s not forking over anything close to the $750 million payday as reported by Celebuzz and many other news outlets.

The problem, according to an insider: ‘Tiger isn’t even worth that much.’

In May 2009, Forbes estimated the world’s number one golfer’s fortune at $600 million, down from the one billion mark where analysts once pegged him.

And besides, that was then, before the adultery scandal left Woods’ private and professional life in ruin, and before several multi-million dollar annual sponsorship deals jumped ship.

In short, Elin could never have gotten the rumored astronomical settlement because Tiger isn’t that rich, and what the Swede will get will be less now that Tiger’s fortune has been stunted by the looming divorce itself.

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