Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth's Stealth STK Date (PHOTOS)

Must Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth continue to carry on with this charade?

The True Blood stud and his not-so-secret girlfriend enjoyed a night on the town in West Hollywood last night, hitting up the STK eatery following True Blood's cast party.

Afterward, the pair made a vain attempt to throw the paps off their scent by emerging from the restaurant several paces away from each other.

Seriously, just give it up already, guys. Unless this is some kind of cultural tradition in Skarsgard's native Sweden.

Oh well; even if they're not willing to publicly celebrate their love, at least we can do so by clicking through the photo gallery.

And make sure to hit up Paparazzi-Razzi for more pics of famous people doing intriguing things.



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  • Rachel Meltsner Walsh
    Rachel Meltsner Walsh

    This one is for you Vitt

  • Amber B
    Amber B

    Baha!!! Oh yeah, so though exit the location spaces apart from each other, but then get into the same car... fail much?

  • rena

    She a fame whore and his not! I don't think his being rude! He likes a private life and people not knowing his business and she doesn't mind people knowing her business. She likes the attention she gets from the paps!!! That why I was said she a fame whore! HE COULD DO BETTER THAN HER ANYWAY!!

  • Marta

    If they are in a relationship they should be proud of it and not deny it! Perhaps they are not sure they are in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship? HA!!

  • Karma Geddon
    Karma Geddon

    More likely, he has been advised by his agent/handlers that photos of the two of them together are worth more than if they aren't together in the same frame. Rather than assume he is a jerk, which he's not, one could think about his motivation for his behaviour.

  • Nonny

    If he doesn't want to be w/her, then he should be a man and break up w/her, not act rude in public. There's no excuse for his rude behavior. That is NOT how to treat a woman. If he didn't want her there, it would be simple enough to not bring her. I think he's on a massive ego trip. I wish kate would dump him.

  • Amelia

    It doesn't look like they're avoiding being seen as a couple to me. It looks like he's humoring her, letting her accompany him, but that he'd be happy if she wasn't there. And I can't blame him. Any pictures where they're actually together she's clinging to him like he's a life raft. I saw some video from the party where he was talking to someone, she starts stroking his hair in a ("Remember I'm here!" type of pathetic action). She continues to stroke and he acts like she's not there, then she gives him an extra hard stroke which knocks/pushes his head down, as he's talking to this other person. He then hears his name turns his back on her, w/out acknowledging her and proceeds to talk to the next person and the next, leaving her to talk to the guy standing behind him. Now, I'm not blaming him necessarily. If he's just a sweet guy who can't say no to a situation he got himself into while filming Straw Dogs, I feel sorry for him. And if she can't take the hint, then I pity her. But as mentioned above he's always at least 3 feet ahead of her walking, if they're side by side, it's because she has wrapped herself around him in some way. At the party, he gets into the car and she's still signing autographs, when she finally gets in, he doesn't look over at her, or say anything to her, just peals away. I'm just wondering how long this is going to last.