BUZZINGS: Dean McDermott Hospitalized For Collapsed Lung

Dean McDermott, husband of Tori Spelling, has been hospitalized with a collapsed lung. He is expected for make a full recovery but we still wish him all the best! (Wonderwall)

• Sorry, ladies: Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis is getting married, sort of. Joe said he chose a “civil partnership” over a traditional marriage because he won’t get married until gays have the same right. (PopEater)

• Now sources are claiming that Chris Brown did not use eye drops to fake cry at the BET Awards. (Hollywood Life)

• Is OJ Simpson getting married in jail? That’s what one anonymous source is claiming! (Starpulse)

• Why does Angelina Jolie like tattoos so much? And, more importantly, will she show us all of them? (Huffington Post)