Dakota Fanning Charms the World on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

Dakota Fanning Charms the World on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)-photo

Dakota Fanning has been such an accomplished actress for so long, it's easy to forget that, aside from being a reliable box-office draw, she's also just a 16-year-old girl who 's facing the same challenges as any other teenager.

The Eclipse actress turned up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to discuss some of the non-show biz aspects of her life, including taking college-entrance exams, learning to drive, the sweet Barbie jeep that she built in sculpture class, and her deep and abiding love of Regis Philbin—because, really, people of all ages can't get enough of Regis Philbin.

Check out Dakota's interview with Kimmel in the videos below:



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  • Lil

    She did color her hair and that is why she looks amazing now. She is 16 and having her hair just hang loose like that works. She doesn't look all made up. I didn't like her before. Didn't even see her as pretty. Now she is probably among the top in my list of beautiful faces in hollywood.

  • mrk4y00

    not a trashy slut like most , keep it up

  • 2 old 4 dis shyt
    2 old 4 dis shyt

    it's absolutely refreshing to see dakota fanning hold her own in an interview and maintain such a positive public imagine when you compare her to the other teenage trainwrecks running around nowadays...i'm looking at you miley cyrus/taylor momsen!

  • Belle

    She's seriously my favourite in Twilight because she's the only actress I like. She actually is interesting in interviews, very articulate and charming. Unlike Kristen who is absolutely painful to watch!!

  • lisa

    i really like dakota, she seems to be nice, but ... she looks soo boring !! her hair looks allways the same ! i mean she is 16, i think it would be nice if she dye her hair ! :P that would be a commencement

  • Gabby

    Thank goodness the twilight franchise has ONE smart actress who can hold her own in a conversation without making a complete idiot of herself.

  • maria0417

    I think Dakota definitely grew up to be an elegant young lady. Her performance in Runways surprised me, never knew she had a side like that : )