Halle Berry's Daughter Isn't Very Pap-Friendly (PHOTOS)

Like mother, like daughter? 

Recently single Monster's Ball beauty Halle Berry took her little girl Nahla Aubry on a grocery-shopping excursion in Los Angeles on Thursday, and while Berry reportedly urged the swarm of assembled shutterbugs to keep their distance from her child, Nahla seemed to be sending her own pretty heavy "back off" signals with a series of displeased expressions.

Oh well; they're both still adorable. Especially when they're angry. Click through the photo gallery to see what we mean.

And hit up Paparazzi-Razzi to see even more pics of famous folks out and about.



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  • cookie

    stop taking this old ..itch picture. odd ball kid and crazy women, i can see why those men left, crazy is as crazy do. good luck to anyman stay with this old crazy ho.

  • Sharon

    Ever knew anyone who was diabetic? Someone who understood once said that coping with this disease is like trying to juggle five handkerchiefs and keep them in the air all at the same time. You can get very irritable. And it is perfectly normal for babies to reflect Mom's mood. This is just a day where Halle wanted to go pick up a few things and take her daughter on a quick outing and thought she coould escape the paps' notice. Looks like to me she was ambushed. Give her a break, OMG

  • Tara

    Oh come on. The kids not making a bad face - she just has to go to the bathroom. Anyone with kids knows THAT face!