Kate Gosselin Denies Plastic-Surgery Rumors (VIDEO)

Love her or hate her, the Kate Gosselin that we’ve all come to know is exactly as God made her. Pretty much. So she claims.

During her guest-hosting stint on The View on Friday, the reality-TV mega-mom adamantly denied the recent rumors that she’d had breast-enhancement surgery and Botox injections. While Kate did admit—though there’s really no denying it—that “I’ve had a tummy tuck,” she shot down rumors that she’d gone under the knife to have her breasts done, shooting back,

“Why is it so fascinating? I got a good bra!”

As for the scuttlebutt about havingher face injected with age-erasing Botox, Gosselin countered, “Absolutely not.”

Check out video of Gosselin’s denial below:

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