Lindsay Lohan’s 13 “Greatest” Moments Of The Past Year

Hey, everyone, Lindsay Lohan turns 24 today! And what better way to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday than with a look back at some of her best (or worst) moments of her 23rd year. It’s better than getting punched in the face at your own birthday party, right?

Let’s get one thing straight: We adore Lindsay. Without her, life would be boring. But we also want her to get her life back into gear and get back on the A-list, where she belongs. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s 23rd year has been pretty rough on her: arrests, warrants, SCRAM bracelets, firings, lawsuits…the list could go on. Hopefully, Lindsay’s 24th year will be less drama-filled and better for her career. We’re rooting for you Lindsay!

Click through to see the best/worst moments of the previous year for lil’ Linds.