Jude Law Tries to Block His Ex-Wife’s Tell-All Book

Apparently, there are parts of Jude Law’s past that he’d prefer to keep in the past, thank you very much.

The Sherlock Holmes actor is reportedly seeking a court injunction to prevent his ex-wife, Sadie Frost, from printing details about their marriage in her upcoming autobiography, Crazy Days.

Law and Frost were married from 1997 until 2003.

According to a source, Frost is none too happy about the legal action, particularly since Law was already aware of the book and had even talked with him about it:

“She’s poured her heart into this and is upset and hurt by what Jude has done. She thought they were getting on very well – and suddenly he’s serving a 100-page writ…It’s ironic, because he had been at her house earlier in the day and they discussed the book, which is going to be very honest. She knows he has reservations, but she’s let him read bits of it. She’s astonished he’s taken this step.”

Sounds like there are some pretty juicy details to be revealed—or not, if Law gets his way.