Javier Bardem To Rock Out On ‘Glee’

While it seems like every celebrity in Hollywood is vying for a guest spot on Glee, there is one star who beat them to the punch: Javier Bardem.

Yes, Oscar-winning Spanish actor Javier is a secret Gleek. Who knew? Apparently the actor became a fan when he watched the entire first season in one week and now he is addicted to the show.

Javier approached Glee creator Ryan Murphy about appearing on the show when the two of them worked on Eat Pray Love. Javier says that he will guest star as a Spanish rocker who befriends Kevin McHale’s character Artie:

We’re going to rock the house. We’re going to do some heavy metal — Spanish heavy metal, which is the worst.

Javier playing a Spanish heavy metal rocker on America’s favorite musical TV show? Sounds great, in a strange sort of way. But hey, he’s an Oscar-winner, we’re sure he’s had tougher roles.