Kendra Wilkinson’s New Book Hits Shelves Today (VIDEO)

Can’t get enough of Kendra Wilkinson? Well, you are in luck because Kendra’s new memoir, Sliding Into Home is hitting shelves today.

It’s no secret that Kendra has had a wild past life but she writes that her party past and transitions throughout the years were all worth it because it led up to her forming a family and giving birth to her beautiful son. Form Kendra’s blog:

My book is dedicated to my son Hank IV, of course it had to be to him… he’s my boo, he’s my home base, he’s my EVERYTHING! I would relive this whole book again just for him. There’s not one second of this book I would take back because if it wasn’t for this story, I wouldn’t have my beautiful son!

Sliding Into Home is an open, honest and FUN read and will give u guys a look at the real Kendra! Hope you’re all as excited as I am!!!

Watch the video of Kendra talking about her book below.