Hayden Christensen Claims USA Stole His 'Royal Pains' Idea

Hayden Christensen Claims USA Stole His 'Royal Pains' Idea-photo

Actor Hayden Christensen is suing executives at the USA Network alleging that they stole his idea for Royal Pains.

The actor and his brother Tove claim that they contacted the network in 2005 and pitched them a show called Housecall that followed around a "concierge" doctor who made home visits to rich and famous clients. The plot is very similar to Royal Pains, a TV show on USA starring Mark Feuerstein which is currently entering its second season.

Hayden and Tove allege that an unnamed USA executive told them that he found their idea "fascinating" although they apparently never went beyond a pitch meeting with the executive.

The 29-year-old actor was most recently in the news when he broke off his engagment with girlfriend Rachel Bilson whom he met on the set of the movie Jumper. His newest movie, Vanishing on 7th Street was produced by Tove.

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  • delacapri

    [quote=Where's the proof!!!!]Proof...where's the proof! No proof....no money! Records of phone calls, people met, witnesses etc. Proof! I don't believe they have the proof. They would have to prove the date of the writing,the copyright, who came up with it first? Or was it just an idea being thrown around. Come on guys. You are grasping at air. Why? FPP is already leveled to the ground. Is this just an attempt to breathe life back into FPP? If so it's a maneuver worthy of some con artists. Look Tove, the way to breathe life back into your company is by producing something that sells. When you figure out how to do that then you won't have to stoop to these ultimate lows you both seem to be going to. What a pity I say to them.

  • delacapri

    Quite frankly I'm a little fed up with hearing about anything to do with these two guys lately. I've heard nothing but negative about them. I don't think it would matter nothing in the least if Hayden thought someone took something of his. I know I wouldn't believe him unless he had proof of such a claim. What audacity for Tove or Hayden to make such a claim anyway. They don't exactly have a clean and tidy slate. what was this with Tove getting arrested? All that mess swept under the rug nice and quietly wasn't it? Hayden's little media game with Bilson was enough to make everyone gag. I agree with some people at JJ and IMDb. Tove & Hayden aren't what we thought them to be. We got to see a little bit of the real. Look Hayden why don't you spend some real time & effort and get yourself into a role that means something. Not some silly thriller or catch me if you can cops and robbers. Tove if you were any kind of brother/producer you'd tell your brother to snatch the roles in the drama arena. Sadly, looks like Hayden's abandoned what he used to do best at. Stop all these media games.

  • Where's the proof!!!!
    Where's the proof!!!!

    Proof...where's the proof! No proof....no money! Records of phone calls, people met, witnesses etc. Proof!