Is Lindsay Lohan’s F-Word Nail In Contempt Of Court?

It looks like Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes are never going to go away.

The “f**k u” that Lindsay wrote on her fingernails and flashed at the judge when she sentenced her to 90 days in jail on Tuesday could land the 24-year-old actress in contempt of court. That means that Lindsay could be looking at additional jail time.

According to Fox 411 (via The Superficial) Lindsay’s nail art could get her in some deep legal trouble. A former Los Angeles Public Defender called it a “creative” way to land in contempt of court:

The judge could hold her in direct contempt, which could be between three to five days in jail for vulgarity

Before Lindsay goes to the slammer she will also be evaluated by psychiatrist who will determine what kind of inpatient rehab facility Lindsay should go to after jail (she has to go to rehab for at least 90 days) and other legal things.

We don’t know if Lindsay’s nail art will actually land her in contempt of court but it does seem like a pretty immature thing to do when you are going to court.

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