Michael Lohan Taunts Lindsay Lohan From A Bar

With his daughter heading for jail in a matter of weeks, Michael Lohan apparently only has one thing on his mind: partying!

After appearing on Larry King Live last night following Lindsay’s probation violation sentencing, Michael moseyed on over to the Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles to get some all-you-can-eat ribs, pose with fans, and–according to TMZ–think up awesome ways to torture his jail-bound, SCRAM bracelet-wearing daughter.

When TMZ asked Michael what he was going to do at the Saddle Ranch, he told them that he would call her from inside the bar to “make her jealous.”

However, Michael later told TMZ that he didn’t have any alcohol (although there was no word on if he made a taunting phone call to his sober daughter). Michael, who is no stranger to legal problems involving alcohol, claims he is sober.

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