Top Chef’s Ludo Lefebvre Explores the Politics of Burgers

With summer officially upon us, millions of Americans will be hitting their grills to char up some hamburger patties in the coming weeks. But what does it really mean, in the deeper sense, to cook a hamburger? No fear; as part of his continuing tenure as Celebuzz guest blogger, Top Chef  alum Ludo Lefebvre is here to explain it all. Read on:

As a chef it would be such a great honor to cook for the President, regardless of political position. I have had some experience cooking for the political powers in France. My army obligation in France was satisfied in the kitchen of the Minster of Defense, someone had to do it. I did have to go to one week of basic training and I did fire a gun, so…

Recently it seems as though winning Top Chef Masters also earns you a spot in the White House kitchen for a night, congratulations Marcus Sameulsson and Rick Bayless, but clearly this is not my path into the White House kitchen. Good thing there is an easier way to win over the stomach of Mr. Obama: Just cook a really good hamburger, although I am certain Mr. Obama’s hamburger habit does not make the Mrs. too happy in light of her campaign to end childhood obesity. I fully support Mrs. Obama’s vision, but I also know that one visit to your restaurant by the President can ensure you stay in business for while, let’s call it the “burger stimulus” package.

I first learned about Five Guys when I saw Mr. Obama dropped by to get his cheeseburger fix during his election campaign. I must say with one bite Five Guys replaced In N’ Out as my favorite hamburger, by far. Now Mr. Obama has decided to step it up a notch and put Ray’s Hell Burger on the map and I can’t blame him. Just look at the Burger of Seville, it has foie gras, bordelaise sauce and white truffle oil. You can even get Époisses cheese on your burger.

I am happy to see that the President and I have many tastes in common. Now maybe someone can get word to him that I would be happy to come to the White House and make him a burger, how about when President Sarkozy comes to visit? Oui? My advice this week to the Top Chefers is to NEVER stop believing in what you create and passionately fight for it at the judges’ table. Look how far it got me.

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