Jeremy London Says His Mad Acting Skills Saved Him From Kidnappers

Jeremy London may never have won an Emmy for his work on 7th Heaven or Party of Five, but his dramatic abilities apparently earned him an even bigger reward earlier this year—his own life.

The actor and rehab veteran—who last month claimed that he had been abducted in Palm Springs, California, and forced to smoke drugs at gunpoint by his kidnappers, now claims that he managed to make it through his harrowing ordeal by putting his dramatic prowess into effect. Yeah, really:

“I was acting my way through the whole thing, telling myself, ‘Just play like you are one of them.’ “

Uh-huh; just like he was one of them. To be fair, the actor admits,

“If I heard someone saying this, I would probably doubt it as well.”

What say you, readers; are you buying London’s latest performance? Let us know in the comments section.