Lindsay Lohan Will Appeal Jail Sentence, Despite Her Lawyer Quitting

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly determined to avoid the jail sentence she was slapped with earlier this week—and she just might have to go it alone in her battle to stay out of the pokey.

Sources tell TMZ that Lohan—who was handed a 90-day jail sentence for probation violation on Tuesday—intends to appeal the sentence, and told people in her apartment on Wednesday night,

“I’m not going to jail!”

The chances of winning the appeal are reportedly remote—she would have to successfully argue that Judge Marsha Revel abused her discretion in slapping LiLo with a 90-day sentence—and Lohan is already facing an uphill battle, since Shawn Chapman Holley, resigned as Lohan’s attorney on Thursday morning.

Lohan is said to be eyeing attorney Tiffany Feder-Cohen as Holley’s replacement, who was just admitted to the bar in November.

Why do we get the feeling that Gloria Allred is already rubbing her hands together, waiting to step in when the time is right?