Mel Gibson Apparently Hates Mexicans Now Too

You have to give Mel Gibson some kind of twisted credit; at least he’s attempting to offend all minorities equally.

The Passion of the Christ helmsman, who famously offered his thoughts on Jews during his 2006 DUI arrest and allegedly hurled the “N” word during a taped argument with his baby mama Oksana Gregorieva recently, has now reportedly hurled racial slurs in Mexico’s direction.

Radar Online reports that yet another bit of Mel’s rage has emerged on tape, in which Mel, while apparently threatening to have one of his staffers deported, tells Oksana,

“I will report her to the f*cking people that take f*cking money from the wetbacks.”

Gee, Mel; planning to throw your hat into the upcoming Arizona gubernatorial election?

We can only wonder if Gibson used such terminology while filming his 2006 bomb Apocalypto on location in Mexico.