BUZZINGS: ‘Glee’ Cast Reacts To Their 19 Emmy Nominations

• How do stars react when they are nominated for Emmys? They are very happy! (Wonderwall)

• Good news for gay couples who want to get married on Today: NBC is now allowing same-sex couples to compete for on-air weddings. (PopEater)

Should LeBron James date Tiger Woods soon-to-be-ex-wife? Well he does have a girlfriend but it isn’t like that’s stopped sports stars in the past. (Hollywood Life)

Melissa Ethridge’s ex-girlfriend, Tammy Lynn Michaels, is filing for custody of their two kids. (Huffington Post)

Ashley Greene received the Kind Choices award from PETA. So, uh, when is she gonna pose nude for one of PETA’s campaigns? (Starpulse)