Dina Lohan Says Lindsay Lohan Is “A Fighter”

Worried about how Lindsay Lohan is going to fare in the slammer? Well, don’t be. Dina Lohan assures us that her daughter Lindsay will find a way to survive this terrible ordeal.

From PopEater:

You know, she’s strong, but until someone faces something as devastating as that…we’re going to have to see […] She’s a fighter, and until the final result — we’re not giving up.

It’s very difficult, we’re not sleeping well, we’re not functioning. We cry a lot and we hug a lot. [Lindsay’s] petrified, we all are. We’re angry. We’re disappointed in the system.

Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days of inpatient rehab after she violated the conditions of her probation following a 2006 DUI charge. Some people may say that if you do the crime, you have to do the time, but Dina still defends her daughter:

She did a really stupid thing. Thank God she didn’t hurt anyone….I know my daughter is clean and sober today. I know that for a fact.

Dina hinted that Lindsay might be seeking to appeal the case, although the chances of them winning an appeal is about as likely as them winning that bizarre E*Trade case they filed earlier this year.

Following her jail sentencing, Lindsay made headlines for appearing in court with the words “f**k u” written on her nails, allegedly cursing out the judge after her sentencing, and posting tweets that compared her treatment to that of an Iranian woman who was facing a death by stoning for having an affair outside of her marriage.

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