Lindsay Lohan Says She’s “Too Young To Die” in New Song

Getting a little autobiographical, are we, Lindsay Lohan?

With all of the woes, legal and otherwise, that the Machete starlet has been experiencing lately, it’s easy to forget that Linds is still trying to resuscitate her singing career, but the Internet came along and reminded us today with a leaked song by Lohan entitled, interestingly enough, “Too Young to Die.”

In the song, LiLo laments being drawn into a relationship that she knew would be trouble, but just couldn’t stay away from. (Speaking from experience, perhaps?) As Lohan laments in the tune,

“I don’t wanna die this way

Get caught in the middle and for just a little, my heart would break/

I’m just another victim of love (everytime I love)”

Check out the track below, and let us know in the comments section: Who do you think she’s singing about?