Michael Lohan Offers Lindsay Advice on Jail

Michael Lohan knows all about being incarcerated. And now, as both a father and a veteran of multiple jail sentences, Papa Lo is reaching out to his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, and offering some advice on how to survive her upcoming jail stint.

Of course, in keeping with his usual modus operandi, he offered his advice through the media, telling Us Magazine,

“It’s not going to be a good experience for her. Right now, she should be working on rectifying the situation and getting better.”

Of course, being a loving father, Lohan vows to be there as much as possible for his daughter, and—good news for Lindsay!—he plans on bringing his current girlfriend, Kate Major, along to cheer Linds up too:

“It’s just a horrible experience. Twenty-three hours a day, she’ll be locked up. I’m going to get her out of that cell as much as I can. And Kate will be there, and we’ll work to get her out of that cell as much as possible.”

Something tells us that, after a couple of these visits, Lindsay will probably request that her sentence be extended.