Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Think She’s Cute (VIDEO)

With Hannah Montana coming to a close, star Miley Cyrus has begun opening up about her experiences on the show and how she is glad to be putting what she saw as her awkward teen years behind her.

Miley recently sat down with E! News (via oceanUP) and talked about how she cringes when she watches old episodes of Hannah Montana, which she has been on since she was 12:

Teenager go through awkward phases and [other teen stars and I] have [gone through awkward phases] in front of millions of people. Okay, I don’t remember looking that way but I was not at my cutest.

Hey, we thought Miley was cute as pie in Hannah Montana but that’s just our opinion. Either way, Miley has blossomed into a beautiful (if sometimes scantily-clad) woman.

Are you sad for the end of Hannah Montana?

Watch the interview with Miley below.