‘Salt’ Sneak Peek Makes Us Want To Be Russian Spies (VIDEO)

We never doubted that Angelina Jolie was one tough cookie, but this new preview for Salt takes her toughness to a whole new level!

A sneak peek for the upcoming action flick Salt shows the 35-year-old star being all spy-like and making bombs out of stuff she finds in a random room. Boom!

The movie follows around CIA agent Evelyn Salt (played by Angelina) who is accused of being a secret Russian spy. However, unlike the Russian spies that are currently in the news, Salt claims that she is innocent and must use her spy tricks to evade the CIA and uncover the truth about her identity.

The film also stars Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Sounds exciting, do you think you will go see it?

Watch the clip below.